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How do you ensure that your potential customers find the good books you publish?

Schilling packs your metadata
Thema is all about discoverability. Ensuring that relevant customers can find particular publications is one of the biggest challenges in the publishing industry today. It used to be enough that books were available in the bookshop, preferably on display in the window. Now you have to be able to search for them in many ways and in different ways and in different systems. No customer should search in vain! We once thought it was sufficient to put a product group on the book - now we have to pin down potential buyers by adding several different categories to the product. This requires systematic classification. 


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With Thema you can:

• Add several tags to your product - as many categories as you like - so that you can search for the book based on many different properties. 
• Find foreign-language titles based on their tags across borders.
• Combine traditional genre classifications so that product groups from bookshops or categories from national databases such as for example Bokinfo in Sweden are also included when you select the Thema codes.

• Publishers can create and maintain their own categories within the framework of Thema.


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